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We can help you with: 

Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship

We have many years of experience and excellent results in creating environments for equal innovation, where new forms of entrepreneurship can blossom. With an equal and sustainable approach you can tap in to a whole new potential of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Diversity as a source for innovation

How can you release the potential for innovation and change by having an inclusive approach to what you do? We help organizations to understand gender, bias and to form strategies for change.

Workshops & Programs

Whether you need a future scenario mapping to understand how the future will impact your organisation, or if you need an inclusive approach to a program on entrepreneurship - we can help you out. We design and facilitate workshops and programs on a wide and interdisciplinary spectrum. 

Lectures, workshops and courses

How do you get a common understanding of the changing business landscape? How do you find your own role in this and change cultures and ways of working? We help startups and larger companies transform.

Invest for Transition

Shifting capital from the usual suspects to new entrepreneurs. Invest for Transition is both for institutional investors and corporate ventures as well as citizens who want to contribute and join forces through crowd investing.

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