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Institute For Transition has since its foundation in 2019 been a place for those seeking a better future. We are a group of change makers, innovators, lecturers, entrepreneurs, and strategists who work cross-disciplinary to create opportunities for original ideas and initiatives to come to life. We do this by creating projects of our own, offering services to companies and organisations, as well as through explorative meetings and workshops. We believe in action and continuously work with effective expert analyses, collaborations, and concrete actions to actuate and develop the question on how we can create a sustainable, equal and bright future.


Fredrik Blomquist

Fredrik is, together with Anna, co-founder of IFT. He has been leading workshops and trainings for scale-ups, been coaching companies, incubators and organisations to shift their focus to questions of transformation and inclusion, and started several initiatives on his own, to only mention a few things. The red thread throughout everything he does is a focus on purpose and effective impact, which has led him to continuously question what is being presented and to seek new perspectives. Are we even looking at the right thing? How do we measure effect? What is success?
     Apart from being a source of inspiration when talking about financing the transformation, Fredrik is also known to be one of the best dressed men in Stockholm.


Anna Branten

Anna is, together with Fredrik, co-founder of IFT. She is a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset who has been working as CEO and management consultant, something which has led her to not only question the systems we operate but the hidden biases and the workings of said systems as well. With an interest in the flaws of the economic system in particular she is an expert on emerging economic theories and how these can be tested. She has run several projects and experiments for complementary funding, written a report on the matter of funding for female entrepreneurs, and ceaselessly works on spreading the need for, and possibilities of, a purpose-driven green transformation.
     As if all this was not enough, Anna also loves to dream big and to share those dreams, seemingly with such a force that it pulls others in and makes those dreams reality.


Isabelle McAllister

Isabelle joined IFT in 2022, but has been working on the topics of sustainability, climate and transformation seemingly forever. She has written books on how we can take care of the things we own, led and participated in panel discussions, workshops, and lectures about production, consumption and sustainability, and has won several awards for her inspirational and innovative work. Always in the intersection between a hands-on DIY approach and critical communication Isabelle seeks to not only change the minds of business leaders but rather everyone, and does so by leading the way and highlighting solutions.
     With her expertise ranging from all of the above to TV production, it is safe to say that Isabelle can do literally anything, no matter if it’s swapping a roof, or making a company reduce their emissions.


Thyr Björnson

Thyr joined IFT in 2023, adding his spice of critical creativity to the mix. With a background in communication design, he has a special place in his heart for assessing and exploring how matters are communicated and experienced, something which has led him to create conceptual theatre plays, write and produce short movies, and conduct several artistic research projects on company structures and financial legislation. He believes at the core of each question lies the human, and that understanding the person on the other side is crucial no matter what the endeavour, and he brings this idea to others through workshops, installations and other lived experiences designed to make people feel.
     Speaking of vibes, Thyr is definitely the one who feels the music the most, usually needing a corner of his own when he is out dancing, long limbs everywhere.

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